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Upcoming Festivals in Yerevan 2020

JAZZ DAY - 30 April

Place: Cascade Complex >>

International Jazz Day is an annual event which gather international musicians from around the world.  The event will please  the most sophisticated jazz lovers.

WINE DAYS - 04-05 September

Place: Martiros Saryan Street >>

The open to everyone festival will gather most prominent Armenian wineries, renowned  restaurateurs, international food bloggers and thousands of visitors from around the world.            The two-day program also will be enriched with Armenian Jazz. 

BEER FEST - 10-11 July

Place: Swan Lake, near Opera House >>

The festival is annually held in around Swan Lake, just near to the Opera House.  Within the fest numerous contests such as: “The Fastest Peanut Peeler”, “The Fastest Beer Drinker”, “The Fastest Hot Dog Eater”,“The Fastest Beer Drinker with a Straw”, “The Fastest Crayfish Eater” will be organized. 


Place: Republic Square, Subway Station Park >>

The ritual and holiday food festival will be held in Yerevan under the motto the “Yerevan with Flair”.

А wide range of traditional festive and ritual dishes will be offered to guests. 


Place: “Moscow” Cinema >>

Film Festival was established in 2004. The  name of festival refers to the Apricot, which in  Latin – “Prunus Armeniaсa” or  “the Armenian plum.”

The motto of the festival is  “Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations”. 


Place: Northern Avenue

The “Taraz” or traditional national dress festival is an annual even which attracts most prominent Armenian designers. Enjoy the beauty of Armenian garments, music, and get photo in national clothes in Photo Atelier Marashlyan. 


VARDAVAR - 28 July

Place: Yerevan and everywhere in Armenia

Vardavar is a water festival, which associated with the Astghik – goddess of water, beauty and love. According to the legend, she spread love through the Armenian land by sprinkling rosy water and presenting roses.  So, in this day  everyone is allowed to drench water on others. Enjoy and have a fun.