Top 6 Reasons Why Travel to Armenia?


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Top 6 Reasons Why Travel To Armenia?

First Christian Country

“Visit to the First Christian Country” that was the motto of the Apostolic Journey of His Holiness Pope Francis to Armenia. In 301 AD Armenia adopted Christianity as a state religion and became the First Christian Country in the world. The capital of Armenia – Yerevan  was established in 782 BC, and the city is 2801 years old.  The Flag of Armenia.

The Golden Alphabet

The Armenian Alphabet was invented in    405 AD  by Armenian linguist,  statesman and hymnologist  Mesrop Mashtots

The Golden Alphabet and the Golden Cross are kept in the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin – Pontifical Residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians.

authentic festivals

Sevan Music, Haybuis Armenian Herb, Sheep Shearing, Carpet, Harissa, Barbecue, Wine, Bread, Tolma, Raspberry  and many others.  

Enjoy the beauty of Armenian nature and get acquainted with  customs and traditions.


Sevan (in Armenian: Sevana Lich) is the largest lake in Armenia and in the Caucasus.

Also, it is one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes (1900 m above sea level) in the world. 

Not far from  the lake, there is  a medieval monastery – Sevanavank (874 AD). 

Storks’ Village

Each year, more than 600 pairs of storks migrate from western Europe to Armenia, then to Africa.

They arrive before the winter comes and returns in the spring – for  a nest.

 The Surenavan village or “Storks’ Village” is  located near to   Noravank Monastery Complex.

longest cable car

According to the Guinness World Records Book the worlds’ longest cable car was designed by the Doppelmayr/​Garaventa Group (Switzerland).

It connects the Halidzor Village with the Tatev Monastery Complex, offering unforgettable journey across the Vorotan River.

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