Why Travel to Yerevan?


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Why Travel To Yerevan?

Yerevan’s  “Birth Certificate”

Yerevan’s  “Birth Certificate” is a cuneiform inscription   on a basalt stone slab left by King Argishti I.

It is kept in the “Erebuni Museum”  in Yerevan. 

Republic Square

Yerevan –  the capital of Armenia, was established in 782 BC, and now the city is 2803 years old.

Yerevan is older than Rome for  29 years.

Hymn to Yerevan is called “Erebuni-Yerevan”.

The Flag of Yerevan. 

Lusik Aguletsi House-Museum and Art Cafe.

Lusik Aguleci's House-Museum

Another attractive place in Yerevan is Lusik Aguleci, famous Armenian painter and ethnographerHouse-Museum and Art Café.
Museum presents  50 years’ collection of weapons, traditional costumes, decorations, and ancient jars.
Art Café suggests tasty local dishes and Armenian traditional music.       https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv6F2RFFCSy/

Festival program

Yerevan’s Festival program is full of events:

Micro Art Museum

“Ter-Ghazaryans’ Micro Art” Museum demonstrates absolutely unique micro statues placed on the half of rice grain, in the eye of a sewing needle or on human hair. This masterpieces made by Eduard Ter-Ghazaryans (grandfather and grandson).

On the left side is, just imagine,  a caravan of camels, made of precious stones, placed in the eye of a sewing needle.

Master Levon’s “heaven-guided” underground maze

Levon's "heaven-guided" maze

Levon Arakelyan’s or Master Levon’s “heaven-guided” underground maze is another unforgettable attraction in Yerevan.  Why?

It demonstrates the power of man who without any drawings, using only hand tools, dug the absolutely stunning curve with numerous underground passages, spiral staircases, and rooms.
It is really worth seeing.


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