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Why Travel To Vatican?

Vatican City

Vatican City State or Holy See is the smallest country in the world (0.44 km²), located in the centre of Rome in Italy. Vatican is the only country in the world which is declared as  UNESCO Heritage site.

Bishop of Rome

The Vatican is completely governed by the Pope, who is the Bishop of Rome and Head of the Catholic Church. The “Pontifical Anthem and March” or “Papal Anthem” is the hymn performed in honor of the presence of the Pope.       The Flag of Vatican.

Papal Audience

The General Audience or Papal Audience is took place every Wednesday at 10 or 10:30 am. in the Saint Peter’s Square (in summer) or in the Audience Hall (in winter). You may request Papal Audience Tickets (up to 3 days prior) just from the Swiss Guards at Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican.

tickets to  Papal Events

All tickets to  Papal Events are always free.

You are allowed to request a maximum of  9 tickets. Also, the tickets can be requested  directly from the Prefecture of the Papal Household. 

More Info

The Vatican City  has: museums and galleries with reach collections, library, radio station, which broadcasts all over the world in 29 languages, television station, daily newspaper, post office with Vatican stamps, observatory,  shops, offices and publishing house.

Papal Swiss Guards

Papal Swiss Guards or simply Swiss Guards  protect the Pope (in Latin: Papa) – head of  the worldwide Catholic Church, and the Apostolic Palace – the official residence of the pope in Vatican City.