Предстоящие Фестивали в Армении 2020

  Upcoming Festivals in Armenia 2020 DOLMA / TOLMA Fest – 24 May Place: Zvartnots Temple, Armavir Province >> One of the most popular festivals in Armenia. More than 65 variants of tolma filled with mincemeat, basturma, rice, fish, lenten, mushroom, and many other ingredients will be served. Enjoy the excellent dishes and national music, […]

Предстоящие фестивали в Ереване 2020

  Upcoming Festivals in Yerevan 2020 JAZZ DAY – 30 April Place: Cascade Complex >> International Jazz Day is an annual event which gather international musicians from around the world.  The event will please  the most sophisticated jazz lovers. WINE DAYS – 04-05 September Place: Martiros Saryan Street >> The open to everyone festival will […]