Ancient Armenian Coins


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Ancient Armenian Coins

Silver coin of the Armenian King of Kings Tigranes the Great, 140 – 55 BC

Gold coin of King Yervand I (Orontes I Sakavakyats) of the Yervanduni dynasty (Кing of the Orontid Dynasty), 357–352 BC

Silver tetradrachm of Tigranes the Great, 95-56 BC

Gold Circulating Commemorative Coin of Roman Empire, 163-164 AD, Emperor Lucius Verus Armeniacus crowning Sohaemus, King of Armenia

Roman Silver Denarius of Augustus, 27 B.C.E.-14 C.E., in Commemoration of the conquest of Armenia

Coin of Antoninus Pius, ca. 141-143. Pius asigns Roman-appointed king of Armenia Sohaemus

LUCIUS VERUS AE sestertius, Rome, 163-164 AD, Emperor Verus crowning Sohaemus, King of Armenia

Leo V the Armenian and Constantine AV Solidus, Gold Coin, 813-820 AD

Tetradrachm of Kingdom of Armenia with bust of Artavasdes II, Late Hellenistic Period, 39–38 BC, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Roman silver Denarius of Mark Antony, 37 BC, with the Armenian Tiara over bow and arrow on the revers

Coin of Marcus Antonius issued in commemoration of the victory over Armenia. On reverse side - symbols of Armenia: an Armenian Tiara, bow and quiver.

Trajan in military attire standing and Armenia symbolically placed between Euphrates and Tigris, reffering to anexation of Armenia.

Roman Gold Aureus of Augustus, 27 B.C.E.-14 C.E., Struck in 19 BC, in celebration of victory over Armenia, Armenia Capta

Silver Tetradrachm, Tigranes II the Great, 95-56 BC, Kingdom of Armenia, wearing an Armenian Tiara ornamented with a star between two eagles, on the reverse side -Tyche of Antioch

Germanicus crowning Artaxias by placing the Armenia Tiara on his head. 15 BC – 19 AD.