Armenian Soft Drinks


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Armenian Soft Drinks

Matsun, Մածուն, Armenian Yogurt - fermented milk (cow, goat, sheep, buffalo or mix of them) product.

Chortan, Choratan, Չորաթան, Չորթան - fermented milk product, obtained from tan.

Tan, Թան - Armenian Matsun or Yogurt Drink. It is a matsun diluted with mineral or distilled water, with the addition of a salt.

Strained Matsun, Cream Cheese, Kamats Matsun, Քամած Մածուն

Armenia is rich of underground fresh and mineral waters, which is an important part of the natural mineral resources of the country. The most popular Armenian bottled mineral and natural spring waters are: Aparan, Hayler, Bjni, Noy, Garni, Sipan, Dilijan, Jermuk, Byuregh, Arzni, Byurakan, Sil and others.

Natural juices and nectars are made from pomegranate, tomatо, apricot, cherry, apple, rose, peach, carrot, hippophae, quince and many other fruits.

Kompot or compote - non-alcoholic sweet beverage made from cooking fruit such as strawberry, apricot, peach, apple, plum and other fruits or mix of them in a large volume of water and sugar as additional sweetener.