Martiros Saryan


The founder of the Armenian Contemporary School of Painting. 

He created his own “Saryan’s style”, which is full of 

 vivid colors and unique manner of expression.

The limited collection “Colors of Armenia”  based on the paintings’ of Martiros Saryan was created by “Luch” Minsk Watch Plant (Belarus). The collection incudes 3 exclusive models. Each of them  produced in only 100 pieces.

Colors of Armenia watches, Luch Plant



Fairy Tale
Armenia, Colors of Armenia, Saryan
Lotus watch, Colors of Armenia,, Saryan, reverse side
Armenia, Colors of Armenia,.Saryan, reverse side

Lotus, 1911, Martiros Saryan

Armenia,1923, Saryan

Armenia, Colors of Armenia, Saryan

Fairy Tale, 1971, Saryan

Fairy Tale, Colors of Armenia Saryan